Ric Engbersen 1986

akv st joost -autonome beeldende kunst 2009-2013


Bigger than your average - ongoing research about the average size of the painting (over 2500 paintings cataloged)
azuli -ongoing research on the logistics of pigments in the 17th century
what space - serooskerke


2012 In the proces of getting salt and eating chicken - voorruimte BOM
2012 "I'll just keep trying different combo's of film and lenses till I find something that work in this dust" De fabriek Eindhoven
2013 graduation - show-akv st joost breda
2014 we need our heroes- de loods breda
2014 pink is my favorite color - hoogtepunt
2014 stoning in iran - Blender collective de Fabriek eindhoven
2015 who's afraid of red yellow and blue (the yellow show) - IDFX breda
2015 I've got the power - cultuurnacht Breda kop.
2015 several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with A pict - MOB terrain Tilburg (whatspace)